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Rules of the Road

These five chapters explain the obligatory elements of Pantheon. Anything not explained is then not obligatory; it is up to you and your players whether or not, and how, you want to do it. Much of your chronicle is that way, and is largely your responsibility. If you wish and by your own rules you can do anything from tell stories to remove problem players from your club. That last part is important – Pantheon is a club of clubs, but each member club belongs to its owners and operators, not to us. While there is the chance that you will be censured or even removed from the chronicle of Pantheon if you stray sufficiently far from these rules, we do not have nor do we wish to have the power to directly overrule the decisions of member clubs. With that in mind, read each of the following sections to get an idea of what Pantheon is about:

Chapter 1: Overview – How to Get Started

Chapter 2: Engagement – How to Stay Involved

Chapter 3: Code of Conduct – How to Play Fair

Chapter 4: Organization – How to Govern Ourselves

Chapter 5: Elections– How to Select Leaders

Main Page

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