Chapter 2: Engagement – How to stay involved

As part of the Shared chronicle

As characters, you are free to interact with other characters in real-time. This means that you can call, e-mail, write letters to or receive letters from other characters whenever you wish. As well, there are online resources and social media that allow you to interact with other characters and stay apprised of current events in the shared chronicle. The following are at your disposal:

Venue & Faction Facebook groups – These are closed groups that characters of the appropriate venue or faction may join, and where they may interact with other characters of that group.

OOG Announcement Facebook group – This is an open Facebook group for announcements by Administrators or members of the board about out of game events and opportunities.

IG News Facebook group – This is an open Facebook group for announcements by Storytellers of in game events, news items, and other plot hooks or items of interest to develop the setting of the shared chronicle.

OOG Discussion Facebook group – This is an open Facebook group for discussion and socializing by members, with no particular agenda.

As a local Storyteller or Administrator

All Storytellers and Administrators are equal officers within LATTE. They all participate in making decisions that shape the whole club and chronicle. In order to do this, they must join a few closed Facebook groups which facilitate that ongoing discussion. These groups are detailed later in the document, as they pertain to a given Storyteller or Administrator position.

Volunteering within the club

Eventually, most members will go from simply wanting to play to wanting to contribute to the game in some meaningful way. There are several ways to do this in LATTE.

First, members can simply volunteer to do services like clean up the game site or buy needed items (props, drinks, etc). When they do this, they usually should earn some sort of Advanced member benefit (see below). In addition to helping out for its own sake, this reward recognizes their efforts toward building the shared role-playing community of LATTE.

Second, members can seek out elected positions of responsibility within LATTE. They might become a Storyteller or Administrator, or they might seek to become a Board member. If they do this then they earn special benefits, which are described alongside each position later in this document.

Third, members can seek to assist storytellers, administrators or other volunteers within the club. This usually entails helping them to finish some major plot of project, and the rewards for this are given at the sole discretion of the elected person whom you are helping.

Volunteering outside the club

Another important aspect of the club is community outreach and charity. LATTE supports our members when they do this by rewarding them for taking the time to help out as needed. As such, volunteerism for a recognized charity or other cause is treated the same as volunteering within the club, insofar as Advanced Member Benefits are concerned.

Advanced Member Benefits

As a reward for volunteerism, club Administrators may at their discretion give out special benefits for volunteerism or other contributions to a club. These benefits can include up to a game’s worth of additional experience, or even special consideration when assigning rare character types or traits. The exact nature of those benefits is up to the Administrator to decide. The only limit is that such advanced benefits shouldn’t increase the xp given for an event by more than 50% overall, or by more than 100% to a given individual. If given for services not tied to an event, the limit is instead no more than a game’s worth of xp to an individual.


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