Chapter 1: Overview – How to Get Started

As a Player

You may join any of our games at any time. There is usually a ‘door fee’ for our games to maintain the quality of props and pay other out-of-game expenses, though this fee is often waived at the discretion of that game’s Administrator for new members.

If you wish for the characters you create to earn experience points and grow, then you must buy a membership. A membership is $20 per year, and entitles you to use all of the club’s online and offline resources. This money is paid directly to the Administrator of the game that you wish to join, and they will maintain a record of your membership and your characters. All members may have up to four ‘primary’ and four ‘secondary’ characters, all of which can earn xp, and may utilize the online resources of LATTE. For an additional $20 yearly fee, you may have up to four additional primary and secondary characters. The details of what ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ means are explained later in this document. All characters, regardless of being primary or secondary,may interact with other characters and with plots everywhere, without restriction except as needed by particular Storytellers or Administrators.

As a club/group

If you wish to start a new group affiliated with LATTE, or wish for your group to become affiliated with LATTE, then there are a few easy steps to follow.

First, communicate with the LATTE board and make sure that your chronicle and setting is compatible – or can be made compatible – with ours. This involves being sure that your Chicago is not a smoldering ruin while ours is a bustling metropolis, your moon is not a shining orb while ours is a shattered remnant, and so on. We generally give quite a bit of leeway to history we’ve never defined, but even so if something is wildly outside the thematic or narrative parameters of our chronicle some ‘adjustment’ may be required. Exactly what this is will be spelled out to you, and will be part of the back-and-forth communication with our board.

Next, the same process is repeated for the characters in your venue. If your game is about modern super-heroes and ours about dystopian devils, then some adjustment will be required to make them fit together. This may involve a loss or gain of xp, removal of certain traits from certain characters, or any number of other things. These changes will be spelled out by the board in their communications with you.

The final set of adjustments is to your out-of-game policies, to make sure they are fairly similar to the rules of other venues in LATTE. They don’t need to be identical in every respect, but there do need to be some aspects that are the same in every game in order to allow players to travel to distant games easily and comfortably. These include things like experience point distribution, certain rules being equivalent to ours, and election procedures being compatible with our own. We endeavor to give you autonomy and independence in most affairs; however, keeping these things the same in all games is essential to allowing people to travel and interact with whatever games they please.

Finally, your venue must pay its affiliation fee to the board. This is usually $5/member, paid yearly. It allows us to build the capital that will allow us to do special events and conventions, as well as build online resources that make your gaming experience better.

If you wish to start a new venue that is from the very beginning affiliated with LATTE, rather than affiliate an existing venue with our game, then all you have to do is communicate with our board and design your policies around those given later in this handbook. Once you do, communicate with our board to make sure that you haven’t missed anything, and then pay your affiliation fee.


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