The Pantheon

A tale of cosmic scale…

Every day, we are given reminders of how insignificant we are. We are one of six billion people, one planet amongst uncounted trillions, one star in the night sky, one galaxy in the cosmic ocean, one dream against the backdrop of infinity. This makes us seem small, even insignificant. It is also a fiction. As big as the universe is, all of us nevertheless contains within the seed of greatness. Some deny it, some spurn it, some forget they ever had it, some leave it be until it gutters and dies, but all of us are born with that capacity. We call this the Seed.

As with any seed, it takes cultivation and care for it to grow. In many this is not given, and they fade into lives of mediocrity. Even if it is cultivated, it might not grow to its full potential. Like a plant kept in a small pot, it might only just sprout and then reach the edge. This happens when our dreams are small, when our ambitions are tinged with the belief that we cannot achieve greatness. In still others, events turn their dreams awry and, giving up on them, they let the seed within them wither and fade. In still others the seed is ripped out of them before it has a chance to bloom. A few though, through luck, ambition and determination, live to see that seed within them flower into greatness.

Those few who achieve are called by many names. In some cultures they are called Devas, Arhats, or Boddhisattvas. Some call them Nephilim or Angel. Some call them Gods or Tricksters. Some call them Heroes, Geniuses or Living Legends. All of those are different words with the same core meaning: everyday people who have achieved greatness.

What is Pantheon?

Pantheon is a game of games, an organization that through its collective story tells a story all its own. We are focused on live-action role playing (LARP), utilizing multiple systems and settings to tell a story of individuals that aspire to greatness. In the chapters that follow we explain the rules of Pantheon, which both allow a great degree of individual autonomy and provide the framework for accountability and interactivity on a global scale. Striking this balance is at the core of what Pantheon is: for even in a Pantheon, gods are kings of their own castle but must work together to tell stories that go beyond its walls.